Educational Short Story; Finding a gem related to Arthur Hayes

January 2023

A Deepdive into Everything StarkWare
Written by our new analyst Alex Sampson A recap of scaling technology Rather than solely scaling Ethereum through native Layer 1 (L1) architecture…

November 2022

A report on the tech, problems it solves, and what's being built on top of it
Launch Review and Early Analysis

October 2022

"All Models are Wrong, but Some are Useful"
A hot new narrative called 'Real Yield' has emerged
The plan to defragment Cosmos’ ecosystem and improve value accrual for $ATOM

September 2022

Breaking down the two top options for decentralized stables
Disclaimer: The ideas presented here are not to be taken as financial advice, the research and opinions expressed are purely for educational purposes…

July 2022

Disclaimer: None of this is financial advice, I’m a moron on the internet that you’ve never met, can’t read or write and lost his lifesavings 100 times…

May 2022

UST was an UNDERCOLLATERALIZED algorithmic stablecoin. USN is an OVERCOLLATERALIZED stablecoin which is DOUBLE-collaterized with $NEAR and $USDT. In a…